Individual and collective exhibitions

2002 Exhibition in Legnica,

International Review of Goldsmith Forms
“The Sea Anemones”

2003 Collective Exhibition at the Gallery of Bożena Marka in Warsaw
“Wedding Jewellery”

From 2004 Participation in
annual contests at Galeria Milano in Warsaw


2005 II prize at “Presentations” contest entitled
“Contrasts, Work,  The Necklace”

2006 Participation in collective exhibition at the Galery of Bożena Marka
in Warsaw entitled
“The most beautiful for the most beautiful”

2006 Collective exhibition for 15th anniversary of Goldsmith Form Creators

2007 Collective Exhibition of Jewellery in Płock “From Biedermeier to Art. Deco”

2007 III prize at
“The construction of delight” contest in Galeria Milano
Work: The Bracelet”

Individual exhibition in the Galery of Bożena Marka in Warsaw

2008 Collective exhibition in Legnica at the International Review of
Goldsmith Forms “Exclusive”


2008 Participation in an international contest of jewellery in Vilnus –
Amber trip
Entitled “Let the moment last ” work: necklace

2009 Participation in the Fair of Jewellery – Inhorgenta in Munich –
presentation of members’ of STFZ exhibition

2014 Collective Exhibition Galleria Milano in Warsaw

 Institutional connections

Since 2006 Member of Goldsmith Forms Creators’ Assiociation
2007 in the management
2009 Program Council


“Milano” gallery Warsaw
“Studio M” gallery Warsaw
“Stanko” gallery Wrocław
YES gallery Poznań
“Kreo” gallery Cracow
“Gracja” gallery Sopot
Katarzyna Cecurska Cracow
Galeria Blue Dog Brighton
Alicja Trusiewicz Galleries in Rome, Florence and Perugia
Magda SzabelSki Switzerland
Lidia Tomkow Palermo
Elena Pagani Palermo

“Vuedu factory” gallery Palrmo

“Fiorentino” gallery Palermo

“La Basilica” gallery Barcelona

” Fratelli Fecarotta” Catania

  “IKI boutiqe” Catania

“ESCAT” Rome